Highway 2 Code – in English

H2C is an university-level, free of charge training, duration 6 months.

There will be no training period during the rest of 2021.

The H2C training in 2022 will be announced during the autumn 2021.

The partners of the project are Centria University of Applied Sciences (UAS), Oulu UAS, Kajaani UAS, Vaasa UAS, Jyväskylä UAS and Turku UAS. The student seeks to study at the option that looks most interesting for his/her career. The aim is for the student to study at the chosen UAS, but it is also possible for the student to choose courses from other partnering universities. Student performance is supported by local mentoring and it is possible to form study groups with other students of the same university.

The target group of the training are the people interested in programming and the existing stereotypes are aimed to be removed to respond the need of employees of the industry. The goal is especially to train the immigrants and female, both underrepresented in this professional field.

At the same time, fresh perspectives are being brought to the industry: business-minded and user-driven future actors. Previous work or study background in the non-IT sector is an opportunity that opens up a new kind of innovation and user-orientation in product development.

Each of the participating universities of applied sciences offers its own variety of courses based on the needs of
regional industries.

As a number of universities of applied sciences collaborate, the project creates synergies and removes overlapping, leading to a high-class Finnish training of programming.

The studies are tailored personally for each student to create a successful outcome.

Each student studies 30 ECTS’s of the selected subject and, in addition a 10 credits internship within the industry or a team project. Studying is carried out by remote learning, supported by mentoring. However, some of the courses are offered in contact teaching.

The language of the course is mainly English.

At the end of the project, the total number of students completing the training is expected to be 250, with a total of 10 000 credits.

Implementation of training

The training is mainly provided in English. Implementation is online teaching and can be done alongside work. Primarily students selected are those who complete the training, but applying for individual courses may also be possible.

Schedule and applying for the training

There is no training during the fall 2021. Please follow this page for further information!

An example of the H2C training courses

Provided courses